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Seal #Purchased ByPermit #Permit Issue DateInstaller NameTempory Issue DateExtension Issue DateDate ApprovedAddressCounty New/UsedIn Park
200700102Inspection Services Plus          
200700103Inspection Services PlusISP070102 Bengi Williby  7/17/200727619 Township Rd. 345, Warsaw 43844CoshoctonusedNo
200700104Inspection Services PlusISP070123 Bengi Williby  7/31/200710162 Oakwood St., Byesville 43723GuernseyusedNo
200700105Inspection Services PlusISP070122 Buckeye Builders  9/6/20073007 Mc Neal Rd., Galion 44833GalliaNewNo
200700106Inspection Services PlusISP070121 Buckeye Builders  9/6/2007625 Ames St., Clyde 43410SanduskyNewNo
200700107Inspection Services PlusISP070125 Scott Antritt  8/16/200727820 Coshocton Rd., Howard 43028KnoxusedNo
200700108Inspection Services PlusISP070119 Buckeye Builders  8/22/2007498 Oak St, Marion 43302MarionNewNo
200700109Inspection Services PlusISP070103 Grover Lawhead  8/20/2007622 John W. Baree Rd., Ray 45672JacksonNewNo
200700110Inspection Services PlusISP070182 Larry Cordial  8/22/20073000 Moxadaria Rd., Zanesville 43701MuskingumusedNo
200700111Inspection Services PlusISP070105 Jon Chesterfield  8/27/200713683 Pine Rd., Thornville 43076PerryNewNo
200700112Burris and Behne Architects  Leslie Dunlap  9/10/2007207 E.. Belmont St., Lot 32, Alger 45812HardinusedYes
200700113Burris and Behne Architects  Bret Atkinson  2/20/20083068 MRN-Waldo Rd, Lot#22, Marion 43302MarionusedYes
200700114Burris and Behne Architects  Bret Atkinson  2/20/20083068 MRN-Waldo Rd, Lot#149, Marion 43302MarionusedYes
200700115Burris and Behne Architects  Leslie Dunlap  11/20/2007204 Market St., McGuffey 45859Hardinused 
200700116Clermont County Health District515759/10/2007Rocco Oakley  9/10/20071111 SR 133, Felicity 45120ClermontusedYes
200700117Clermont County Health District506957/26/2007Tony Callahan  9/17/20071394 Deerfield Rd. Lot # 43, Loveland 45140ClermontNewYes
200700118Clermont County Health District516618/20/2007Tony Callahan  10/1/20071492 Redbird, Lot # 276, Loveland 45140ClermontNewYes
200700119Clermont County Health District516129/5/2007Tony Callahan  9/28/20071394 Deerfield Rd. Lot #45, Loveland 45140ClermontNewYes
200700120Clermont County Health District520479/18/2007Rocco Oakley  10/3/2007352 Meadow Dr., Lot 25, Batavia 45103ClermontusedYes
200700121Clermont County Health District517488/28/2007Bill Calvert  10/11/20071785 SR 28, Lot 62, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700122Clermont County Health District510228/3/2007Tony Callahan  12/11/20071492 Woodville Pike, Lot 427, Milford 45150ClermontusedYes
200700123Clermont County Health District515978/16/2007Rocco Oakley  11/5/20073027 SR 132, Lot 107, Amelia 45102ClermontusedYes
200700124Clermont County Health District520229/13/2007Glenn King  12/3/2007352 Meadow Dr., Lot 189, Batavia 45103ClermontNewYes
200700125Clermont County Health District5322011/14/2007Tony Callahan  12/11/20071492 Woodville Pike, Lot 150, Milford 45150ClermontNewYes
200700126Clermont County Health District5322011/14/2007Tony Callahan  12/11/20081492 Woodville Pike, Lot 150, Loveland, OH 45140ClermontusedYes
200700127Clermont County Health District5297610/30/2007Tony Callahan  1/17/20081492 Woodville Pike, #158 Loveland 45140ClermontNewYes
200700128Clermont County Health District5268710/15/2007Joe Roberts   12/21/2007352 Meadow Dr., Lot 243, Batavia 45103ClermontusedYes
200700129Clermont County Health District519569/5/2007William Calvert  12/20/20071785 SR 28, Lot 113, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700130Clermont County Health District5318112/11/2007William Calvert  12/20/20071785 SR 28, Lot 173, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700131Clermont County Health District5266610/12/2007Joe Roberts   1/4/2008347 Meadow Dr., Lot 187, Batavia 45103ClermontNewYes
200700132Clermont County Health District5266410/12/2007Joe Roberts   1/10/2008347 Meadow Dr., Lot 185, Batavia 45103ClermontNewYes
200700133Clermont County Health District526651/10/2008Joe Roberts   1/10/2008347 Meadow Dr., Lot 186, Batavia 45103ClermontNewYes
200700134Clermont County Health District550421/2/2008Rocco Oakley  1/29/20081111 St. Rt. 133, Co.View #13, Felicity 45120ClermontusedYes
200700135Clermont County Health District5317912/11/2007William Calvert  2/1/20081785 St. Rt. 28, Lakeshore Est #233, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700136Clermont County Health District5330512/21/2007William Calvert  3/17/20081785 St. Rt. 28, Lakeshore Est #9, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700137Clermont County Health District5330712/21/2007William Calvert  3/25/20081786 St. Rt. 28, Lakeshore Est #97, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700138Clermont County Health District519639/6/2007William Calvert  3/25/20081787 St. Rt. 28, Lakeshore Est #59, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700139Clermont County Health District545391/4/2008William Calvert  4/3/20081785 St. Rt. 28, Lakeshore Est #398, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700140Clermont County Health District5266210/12/2007Joe Roberts   4/4/2008352 Meadow Dr., East Fork #183, Batavia 45103ClermontusedYes
200700141Clermont County Health District517479/10/2007William Calvert  4/9/20081785 St. Rt. 28, Lakeshore #296, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700142Clermont County Health District5334212/3/2007Glen King  4/23/20082615 Old St. Rt. 32, Greenbriar #464, Batavia 45103ClermontusedYes
200700143Clermont County Health District395592/14/2006Joe Roberts   4/10/2008352 Meadow Dr., East Fork #189, Batavia 45103ClermontusedYes
200700144Clermont County Health District5419212/14/2007William Calvert  4/24/20081785 St. Rt. 28, Lakeshore #247, Goshen 45122ClermontusedYes
200700145Clermont County Health District564393/6/2008Sean Helms  5/15/20082615 Old St. Rt. 32, Greenbriar #424, Batavia 45103ClermontusedYes
200700146Brown County Health Dept. 1/24/2008Shawn Helms  2/5/2008Lot#20, Moler MHP, 511 E. Main St, Mt. Orab 45154BrownusedYes
200700147Brown County Health Dept. 3/4/2008Shawn Helms  3/11/2008Lot#78, Moler MHP, 511 E. Main St, Mt. Orab 45154BrownusedYes
200700148Brown County Health Dept. 11/27/2007Shawn Helms  11/26/2007Lot#4, Crestview, 7348 Tri-County Hwy, Sardinia 45171BrownusedYes
200700149Brown County Health Dept. 2/14/2008Shawn Helms  2/28/2008Lot#6, Crestview, 7348 Tri-County Hwy,Sardinia 45171BrownusedYes
200700150Brown County Health Dept. 11/26/2007Kent Cooper  12/10/2007Lot #47, Georgetown MHP, Georgetown BrownusedYes
200700151Brown County Health Dept. 9/17/2007Shawn Helms  10/3/2007Lot #91, Moler MHP, 5ll E. Main St, Mt Orab 45154BrownusedYes
200700152United InspectionsPark Art Barnhart  8/11/20071080 South Park, Brookfield 44403TrumbullusedYes
200700153United InspectionsPark Art Barnhart  9/12/200715 Thrush, Lake Milton 44429MahoningusedYes
200700154Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0067/27/2007Grover Lawheaad  8/17/20071830 Wilson Run Rd., Chillicothe 45601RossNewNo
200700155Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0027/27/2007Bob's MH Service  9/5/2007325 Alleeth Rd., Waverly 45690PikeNewNo
200700156Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0017/20/2007Bob's MH Service  9/6/20076954 Chari St., Hillsboro 45133HighlandNewNo
200700157Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0168/14/2007homeowner  9/10/200712530 Dunn Rd., Leesburg 45135HighlandNewNo
200700158Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0228/24/2007Kenneth Remy, Jr.  9/20/20076278 Laurel Ridge Rd., Piketon 45661PikeNewNo
200700159Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0037/25/2007William H. Miller  9/19/20071360 Seip Rd., Chillicothe 45601RossNewNo
200700160Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0208/22/2007homeowner  8/23/2007600 Mossbarger-Detty Rd., Piketon 45661PikeusedNo
200700161Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0248/31/2007Larry K. Sanson  11/13/2007662 W. Riehle Rd., Chillicothe 45601RossNewNo
200700162Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0158/10/2007Brett Biggs  9/26/20072208 Waugh Rd., Greenfield 45123RossNewNo
200700163Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0329/10/2007William H. Miller  10/4/2007302 Bridge St., Waverly 45690PikeusedNo
200700164City of Circleville/Pickaway County Building Dept.2007-459 Brian Tipton  1/11/20082771 N. Court St., Circleville 43113PickawayNewNo
200700165City of Circleville/Pickaway County Building Dept.2007-282 Benji Williby  3/26/200815 West St., Commercial Point 43116PickawayNewNo
200700166City of Circleville/Pickaway County Building Dept.20080263 Rob Edenfield  9/12/20088899 St. Rt. 752, Ashville 43103PickawayNewNo
200700167City of Circleville/Pickaway County Building Dept.2009-00091/13/2009homeowner  2/5/200914903 Canal Street, S.Bloomfield 43103PickawayusedNo
200700168City of Circleville/Pickaway County Building Dept.2008-81 homeowner  5/30/20088953 Water St., Orient 43146PickawayusedNo
200700169Hong Inc07-ODH-20-07 Gilbert Montez  8/23/20071710 Cimarron Lane, Defiance 43512DefianceusedYes
200700170Hong Inc  Joe Bugner  8/23/20071435 Huntington Dr., Lot 179, Findlay 43840HancockusedYes
200700171Lucas County Building Regulations20080001478/7/2007Mark Schlueter   709 Quigley Rd. Holland, OH 43528LucasusedNo
200700172Lucas County Building Regulations20070114012/14/2007Kim Keller  8/26/200911955 Soul Road Swanton, OH 43558LucasusedNo
200700173Lucas County Building Regulations20070007241/31/2008homeowner  9/30/200913620 Neowash Rd. Grand Rapids, OH 43522LucasusedNo
200700174Lucas County Building Regulations20080000522/20/2008John Geahlen  9/1/200912733 Waterville Swanton Road Swanton, OH 43528LucasNewNo
200700175Lucas County Building Regulations20080001093/11/2008homeowner   101 N. Schwamberger Rd. Holland, OH 43528LucasusedNo
200700176Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering  Steve's MH Service  10/21/2009Twin Mills MHP, 178 Mill Run Road Lot 121, Waverly, OHPikeusedYes
200700177Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering  Randy Coble  8/18/2009Pleasant Valley MHP, 3253 Creek Road #104, New Waterford, OH 44445ColumbianausedYes
200700178Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering  Randy Coble  3/3/2010Beaver Creek MHP, 39117 Brookfield #14-B, Lisbon, OH 44432ColumbianausedYes
200700179Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering 8/1/2009Randy Coble  8/29/20099230 State Route 45 #8, Lisbon,OH 44432ColumbianausedYes
200700180Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering  Jordan Hartzler  10/21/2009Farr MHP, 1931 Campground Road #72, Wellsville, OHHolmesNewYes
200700181Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering  Jordan Hartzler  8/20/2009Grandview Estates MHP, 863 Massillon Road #32, Millersburg, OHHolmesNewYes
200700182Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering  Dan Metz  8/31/2009Westview MHP, 18592 Edwards Road, Doylestown, OHWayneNewYes
200700183Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering          
200700184Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering          
200700185Ohio Dept. Of Health/Engineering          
200700186Logan County Building Dept.07/256MH7/27/2007Connie's  9/21/20079134 Gross Dr., Lakeview 43331LoganusedNo
200700187Logan County Building Dept.07/299MHP8/29/2007Connie's  10/15/20078266 TR 138, W. Mansfiled 43358LoganNewNo
200700188Logan County Building Dept.07-251MHP7/25/2007homeowner  11/2/20079016 Shady Dr., Lakeview 43331LoganNewNo
200700189Logan County Building Dept.07/375MHP10/8/2007homeowner  11/9/20078857 Logan Ave., LakeviewLoganusedNo
200700190Logan County Building Dept.04/391MHP12/8/2004Starr Homes (started prior to 7/1/2007)  1/18/20087127 Hancock, Russels Point 43348LoganNewNo
200700191Logan County Building Dept.07-434MHP homeowner  2/6/2008695 N. Troy Rd., Belfontaine 43311LoganNew 
200700192Logan County Building Dept.08/055MHP Wendell Decker  6/26/200811074 CR 59, DeGraff, OH 43318LoganNewNo
200700193Logan County Building Dept.08/143MHP homeowner  7/28/200811587 CR 2, E. Liberty, OH 43319LoganNew 
200700194Fayette County Building Dept.R-2007-07-00127/23/2007Joe Young  9/20/20074601 White Rd., Washington CH 43160FayetteNewNo
200700195Fayette County Building Dept.R-2008-05-00145/27/2008William Glispie  10/14/200894 Jamison Road, Lot 33, Washington Courthouse 43160FayetteusedYes
200700196Fayette County Building Dept.R-2008-05-00155/27/2008William Glispie  10/14/200894 Jameson Road, Lot 136, Washington Courthouse 43l60FayetteusedYes
200700197Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau072465MHP Dupler Homes  9/7/200738 Dalton Dr., NelsonvilleAthensNewYes
200700198Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07070001 Pan Handle Homes  9/5/200759220 Ramsey Ridge Rd., JacobsburgBelmontNewNo
200700199Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau076000017/10/2007Dutro Homes  10/1/200722 2nd. St., DresdenMuskingumNewNo
200700200Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau0760003 Joe Dutro  10/1/20073215 Sugartyme Dr., ZanesvilleMuskingumNewNo
200700201Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau070500048/13/2007Chris Palone  10/1/20078114 Vore Ridge Rd., Athens 45701AthensusedNo
200700202Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau0737 Wilson Riverdale Homes  10/2/200720444 St. Rt. 93S, Lot 22, LoganHockingNewNo
200700203Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau0723001 J&J MH Sets  11/21/20079715 Snortin Ridge Rd., LancasterFairfieldNewNo
200700204Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau  Dupler Sales  8/10/20073883 Two Mile Rd., Cutler 45724WashingtonNEW 
200700205Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP UNK John Hall  8/16/2007250 S. Nelson Ave., Wilmington OHClintonusedYes
200700206Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP UNK Jeff Kier  9/6/2007250 S. Nelson Ave., Wilmington ClintonusedYes
200700207Wayne County Building Dept.  Robert Wilson  10/16/2007188875 Blosser, DaltonWayne No
200700208Mahoning County Building Dept.  Armon Passerin  4/22/200813580 Woodworth Rd, New Springfield, 44443Mahoning No
200700209Ashtabula County Building Dept.0707497/5/2007Bob Watt  9/20/20076972 Pymatuning Lake Rd., Andover 44003AshtabulausedNo
200700210Central Inspection Bureau200720574 Dan Metz  8/8/200718592 Edwards Rd., Doylestown 44230WayneNew 
200700211Central Inspection Bureau200700211 Robert Wilfong  8/28/2007805 Stonemill Dr., Chardon, OH 44024GeaugaNew 
200700212Central Inspection Bureau2178182 T. J's Mobile Hms.  10/9/20074334 Lunar Rd., NW, MinervaColumbianaNewNo
200700213Central Inspection BureauM21972018/20/2007Phil Dubsky  11/30/20077054 White Sands Blvd. Lake Grove Park, Madison LakeNewYes
200700214Wayne County Building Dept.  Jonathon Lombardi  11/1/20077147 Myers Rd., WoosterWayneNEW 
200700215Wayne County Building Dept.  Minnie Morris  10/24/20073695 N. Elyria, WoosterWayneused 
200700216Wayne County Building Dept.  James Bebouts  11/5/20074714 Sterling CrestonWayneused 
200700217Wayne County Building Dept.  Jonathan Lombardi  5/19/20088005 West Salem, West Salem 44287WayneNEW 
200700218Asebrook & Co.(ABANDONED)    1/1/2050(ABANDONED)   
200700219Ross County Building Dept.MH-2008-1197/3/2008homeowner  4/9/20091034 Flat Road BainbridgeRossusedNo
200700220Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0409/21/2007homeowner  3/3/20092645 Blain Highway, Chillicothe, OH 45601RossusedNo
200700221Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0419/24/2007homeowner  3/9/20091375 Oakleaf Road, Sardinia, OH 45171HighlandusedNo
200700222Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-09712/17/2007homeowner  4/9/20091058 Yankee Hill Road PiketonPikeusedNo
200700223Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP UNK Jeff Kier  9/6/2007352 Johnson St., HillsboroHighlandusedYes
200700224Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP UNK Jeff Kier  9/15/2007300 N. South St., New Vienna OHClintonNewYes
200700225Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP57 Jeff Kier  10/8/20072945 Edgemoor LaneMontgomeryusedYes
200700226Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP14ADAMS Jeff Kier  10/13/2007250 S. Nelson Ave., Lot 43, Wilmington ClintonusedYes
200700227Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP83SMITH Joshua Callahan  10/22/2007740 Reading Rd., MasonWarrenNewYes
200700228Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP310GG Rocco Oakley  10/25/200711200 SR 128, 45-B Baltimore Pl., HarrisonHamiltonNewYes
200700229Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07580003 homeowner  9/24/20078965 McKownlane, Beverly, OHMorganusedNo
200700230Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07840001 Jeffrey Craven  9/10/20078313 St. Rt. 144, Stewart, OHAthensNewNo
200700231Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07530002 homeowner  9/10/20071 1/2 Fisher St., PomeroyMeigsusedNo
200700232Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07050006 Elliott  10/1/20075061 Baker Rd., AlbanyAthensNewNo
200700233Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP UNK Total Service Center  9/27/20071730 Celina Rd., St. Mary'sAuglaizeusedYes
200700234Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07110002 Theodore Schmittauer  10/2/20073579 St. Paris Rd., New Carlisle, OHChampaignNewNo
200700235Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07110001 homeowner  10/8/20077070 U.S. Hwy 36 E, CableChampaignusedNo
200700236Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau  Keith Heindel  10/9/2007537 Touvelle, Lot 240, CelinaMercerused 
200700237Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07120001 Bridgewood Homes  10/11/2007325 E. Jamestown St., South CharlestownHighlandNewNo
200700238Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP UNK George Pugsley  8/29/200737 Riveen Ridge, DelawareMarionNewYes
200700239Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau072494MHP homeowner  9/29/20078565 Smith Calhoun Rd., Plain CityMadisonusedYes
200700240Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau072523MHP Chad Campbell  10/8/200714200 Industrial Pkwy, MarysvilleUnionusedYes
200700241Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07840013 Ron Swiger  10/11/200730 SR 339, BelpreWashingtonNewNo
200700242Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP072448 Paul Young  10/11/2007624 Philip St., BelpreWashingtonNewYes
200700243Butler County Building & ZoningBLDRS07032769/4/2007Frank Barber  4/24/20082629 Ruby Lane, Middleton, OH 45042ButlerNewNo
200700244Butler County Building & ZoningBLDRS08027098/19/2008Glen King  1/21/20094866 Riverside, Hamilton, OH 45011ButlerNewNo
200700245Butler County Building & ZoningBLDRH096013/12/2009homeowner  11/19/2009144 Augspurger, Hamilton, OH 45011ButlerusedNo
200700246Butler County Building & ZoningBLDRS0910524/28/2009Glen King  6/11/20095580 Horseshoe Bend Road, Hamilton, OH 45011ButlerNewNo
200700247Butler County Building & ZoningBLD-MH10-017826/25/2010Tony Callahan  10/27/20102652 Chapel RoadButlerNewNo
200700248Butler County Building & Zoning  Carl Wurzelbacker  7/26/20082174 Jackson Rd., Lot 75, Hamilton 45011ButlerusedYes
200700249Butler County Building & Zoning  Tony Callahan  7/26/20089431 Canal Way, Princeton CrossingButler Yes
200700250Butler County Building & Zoning  Glen King  7/30/2008385 Cananero Dr., Harrison 45030HamiltonNEW 
200700251Butler County Building & Zoning          
200700252Butler County Building & Zoning          
200700253Butler County Building & Zoning          
200700254Butler County Building & Zoning          
200700255Butler County Building & Zoning          
200700256Butler County Building & ZoningBLDRS08010314/21/2008homeowner  5/19/20084750 Layhigh Road, Hamilton, OH 45013ButlerusedNo
200700257Butler County Building & Zoning          
200700258Clermont County Building Dept.516138/17/2007Barber Construction--Frank Barber  10/1/20075888 Deerfield Rd., Milford, OH 45150ClermontNewNo
200700259Clermont County Building Dept.506777/30/2007Glen D King  9/27/20072789 Fair Oak Rd., Amelia, OH 45102ClermontNewNo
200700260Clermont County Building Dept.  Sam Whalen  1/11/20083742 Bauer Rd., Batavia 45103Clermont No
200700261Clermont County Building Dept.  Glen King  1/11/2008602 Main St., Neville 45156ClermontNewNo
200700262Clermont County Building Dept.5261310/12/2007homeowner  12/4/20072643 Kinnett Rd., Bethel, OH 45106ClermontusedNo
200700263Clermont County Building Dept.  homeowner  1/9/20082036 Bainum Rd., New Richmond 45157Clermont No
200700264Clermont County Building Dept.5291911/8/2007Barber Construction--Frank Barber  12/21/20072007 Big Indian Rd., Moscow, OH 45153ClermontNewNo
200700265Clermont County Building Dept.  Joshua Callahan  4/30/20085725 Marathon Edenton Rd, Williamsburg 45176Clermont No
200700266Clermont County Building Dept.  Glen King  1/18/2008213 Eagle Point Dr., Moscow 45153Clermont No
200700267Clermont County Building Dept.  Sam Whalen  1/25/20087135 Thompson Rd., Goshen 45122Clermont No
200700268Hong Inc07-ODH-20-09 Gilbert Montez  8/28/2007227 Lancelot Dr., Defiance 43512DefianceusedYes
200700269Hong Inc07-ODH-86-06 Continental Estates  8/31/2007715 E. North St., Lot 9, West Unity 43570WilliamsusedYes
200700270Hong Inc07-ODH-87-03 Mark Horton  9/10/200726250 Cummings Rd., Lot 35, Millbury 43447WoodusedYes
200700271Hong Inc07-MHC-63-04 Holbrook Mobile   9/13/200718864 Rd. 1005, Defiance 43512PauldingusedNo
200700272Hong Inc07-ODH-20-19 Gilbert Montez  9/20/20071724 Cimmarron Lane, Defiance 43512DefianceusedYes
200700273Hong Inc07-ODH-8710 Mark Horton  9/20/200726250 Cummings Rd., Lot 89, Millbury 43447WoodusedYes
200700274Hong Inc07-MHC-74-05 Daniel Beasley  9/26/200713214 E. co. Rd. 46, Bellevue 43411SenecaNewNo
200700275Hong Inc07-MHC-39-06 Daniel Beasley  10/3/200736 Pitt St., Norwalk 44857HuronNewNo
200700276Ashtabula County Building Dept.070799 (ABANDONED)7/16/2007homeowner  1/1/20503648 Netcher Road, Jefferson, OH 44047 (ABANDONED)AshtabulausedNo
200700277Criterium S.T.A. Engineers20070027710/9/2007Frank Barber  10/19/2007302 Taylor Dr., Wilmington 45177ClintonNewNo
200700278Criterium S.T.A. Engineers200700277 Joe Roberts   12/3/20113698 Rebert Pike, Mad RiverClarkusedNo
200700279Criterium S.T.A. EngineersABANDONED Void - Destroyed  1/1/2050ABANDONED   
200700280Criterium S.T.A. Engineers2007002804/26/2008Brian Bremer  6/26/20084141 Ham-Eaton Rd, #56, Hamilton 45011ButlerNewYes
200700281Criterium S.T.A. Engineers2007002819/6/2007Randy King  11/6/20071324 Schweitzer, GreenvilleGreeneusedNo
200700282Criterium S.T.A. Engineers2007002821/28/2008Glen King  3/28/200814 U.S. Grant Lane, West Chester 45069ButlerNewNo
200700283Inspection Services PlusISP070191 Shawn Antritt  9/12/20076106 London Groveport Rd., grove City 43213FranklinusedYes
200700284Inspection Services PlusISP070163 Steve Jordan  9/12/20075267 Appollo Rd., Salineville 43945ColumbianaNewNo
200700285Inspection Services PlusISP070138 Steve Ross  9/18/200727630 Township Rd 180, Fresno 43824CoshoctonNewNo
200700286Inspection Services PlusISP070175 Barry Simmons  9/14/20072424 East Dundee, Highland Est., Findlay 45840HancockNew 
200700287Inspection Services PlusISP070156 Shawn Antritt  9/26/20076840 McGlade School Rd., Dresden 43821MuskingumNew 
200700288Inspection Services PlusISP070198 Robert Southworth  9/25/20071663 Rowlesville Rd., Vinton 45686GalliausedNo
200700289Inspection Services PlusISP070187 Robert Southworth  9/25/20073185 Sardis Rd., Oak Hill 45656JacksonNew 
200700290Inspection Services PlusISP070202 Jordon J. Hartzler  9/21/200744890 Township Rd. 1232, Warsaw 43844CoshoctonNewNo
200700291Inspection Services PlusISP070171 Rany Pearson  10/8/20076842 Thayer Rd., Mount Vernon 43050KnoxNew 
200700292Inspection Services PlusISP070111 Shawn Antritt  10/4/20078305 Black Run Rd., Lot B, Nashport 43830MuskingumNew 
200700293Inspection Services PlusISP070242 Jordan Hartzler  10/3/20076303 Antiqua Rd., SW, Sherrodsville 44675CarrollNewNo
200700294Inspection Services PlusISP070282 Randy Sturm  10/4/2007339 Quail Creek Dr., Gallipolis 45631GalliaNewYes
200700295Inspection Services PlusISP070305 Shawn Antritt  10/11/200716760 Marne Rd., NE, Nashport 43830Lickingused 
200700296Inspection Services PlusISP070301 Kenneth Remy  10/11/20072445 Columbus-Lancaster Rd., Lot 375 Lancaster 43130FairfieldNewYes
200700297Inspection Services PlusISP070261 Grover Lawhead  10/9/20071341 Cain Rd., Ray 45672JacksonNew 
200700298Inspection Services PlusISP070106 Jim Rice  10/12/200757075 Newcut Rd., Shadyside 43947BelmontNewNo
200700299Inspection Services PlusISP070117 VC Crabtree  10/9/2007580 East Bowen Sr., Logan 43138Hockingused 
200700300Inspection Services PlusISP070161 Jeff Saunders  10/9/20071879 Biddle Rd., Galion 44833Crawford  
200700301Inspection Services PlusISP070155 Jordon J. Hartzler  9/14/20078399 Dundee-Wilmont Rd., Dundee 44624TuscarawasNew 
200700302Inspection Services PlusISP070248 John Parish  10/2/20077955 Wrightown Dr., Chesterhill 43728Morganused 
200700303Inspection Services PlusISP070109 Danny Kelly  10/6/20072822 County Rd. 30, Kitt Hill 45645LawrenceNew 
200700304Inspection Services PlusISP070220 Janie Nibert  9/20/20072706 Wheaton Rd., Bidwell 45614GalliausedNo
200700305Inspection Services PlusISP070162 Steve Jordan  9/20/2007170 North Water St., Leesville 44639CarrollNewNo
200700306Inspection Services PlusISP070221 Shawn Antritt  9/11/200724 West 12 St., Lot 1209, Dresden 43821Muskingumused 
200700307Inspection Services PlusISP070148 John Parish  9/7/200724470 Shultz Rd., New Plymouth 45654VintonNew 
200700308Inspection Services PlusISP070170 Jordon J. Hartzler  9/7/200714483 Gorby St., Caldwell 43724NobleNew 
200700309Inspection Services PlusISP070130 Bobby Doss  9/7/200713168 Park Rd., Frederickstown 43019KnoxNew 
200700310Inspection Services PlusISP070159 Jordon J. Hartzler  9/7/200736731 State Route 78, Lewisville 43754MonroeNew 
200700311Inspection Services PlusISP070128 Ben  9/4/20071023 Roush Lane, Cheshire 45620GalliausedYes
200700312Inspection Services PlusISP070143 Jordon J. Hartzler  9/7/20073226 Kensington Rd., Carrolton 44615CarrollNewNo
200700313Inspection Services PlusISP070165 Larry Cordial  8/31/20074740 Township Rd. 138, Somerset 43783Perryused 
200700314Inspection Services PlusISP070189 Kenneth Remy  9/7/2007319 Minnesota Ave., Wellson 45692JacksonNew 
200700315Inspection Services PlusISP070181 Chris Palone  9/11/200724 West 12 St., Lot 1206, Dresden 43821Muskingumused 
200700316Inspection Services PlusISP070107 Ben  8/28/20072752 Campbell St., Coolville 45723AthensusedNo
200700317Inspection Services PlusISP070166 Larry Cordial  9/7/200713395 Shepherd Rd., New Concord 43762Muskingumused 
200700318Inspection Services PlusISP070104 David W. Schwartz  8/29/20072823 Pattonsville Rd., Jackson 45640JacksonNew 
200700319Inspection Services PlusISP070134 Jim Elliott  8/29/2007268 Ramblewood Rd., Petriot 45648Jacksonused 
200700320Inspection Services PlusISP070108 Ted H. Watt Jr.  8/30/2007610 Plumb St., Coshocton 43812CoshoctonusedNo
200700321Inspection Services PlusISP070133 Ben  8/29/200714775 Hannan Trace Rd., Crown City 45623GalliausedNo
200700322Inspection Services PlusISP070146 Jim Elliott  8/27/2007924 Clary Rd., Jackson JacksonNew 
200700323Richland County Building Dept.  Williamsburg  10/11/200734 Petit St., Shiloh 44878RichlandNEW 
200700324Elyria City Health Dept.111/19/2007Gary Schenkelberg  11/19/2007128 Kentucky, Elyria 44035LorainusedYes
200700325Elyria City Health Dept.21/17/2008Bill Laubacher  1/17/2008270 Twin Lakes, Elyria 44035LorainNewYes
200700326Elyria City Health Dept.35/7/2008Gary Schenkelberg  5/7/2008257 Massachsetts, Elyria 44035LorainusedYes
200700327Elyria City Health Dept.47/15/2008Gary Schenkelberg  7/15/2008Colonial Oaks, 2 New Jersey, Elyra 44035LorainusedYes
200700328Elyria City Health Dept.57/25/2008Dale Scheidler  7/25/2008Twin Lakes, 119 Hickory Lane, Elyria 44035LorainNewYes
200700329Elyria City Health Dept.67/15/2009Gary Schenkelberg  12/16/2009252 New York Colonial Oaks MHP Elyria, Ohio 44035LorainusedYes
200700330Elyria City Health Dept.810/18/2007Gary Schenkelberg  8/11/2009Colonial Oaks MHP 209 n. Carolina Elyria, Ohio 44035LorainNewYes
200700331Elyria City Health Dept.87/15/2009Gary Schenkelberg  12/16/2009107 Delaware Colonial Oaks MHP Elyria, Ohio 44035LorainusedYes
200700332Elyria City Health Dept.97/15/2009Gary Schenkelberg  12/16/2009245 Massachusetts Colonial Oaks MHP Elyria, Ohio 44035LorainNewYes
200700333Elyria City Health Dept.107/15/2009Jim Bebout  9/1/2009West Ridge Green MHP 105 Fox Chase Elyria, Ohio 44035 LorainusedYes
200700334City of Newark/Licking County Building Dept.R0712057/23/2007Shawn Antritt  9/28/2007475 Newark Ave., Thornville 43025LickingNewNo
200700335City of Newark/Licking County Building Dept.R0715079/7/2007Joe Dutro  10/23/20079501 Stradley Rd. NE, St Louisville 43071LickingusedNo
200700336City of Newark/Licking County Building Dept.R07164610/4/2007George Pugsley, Guy McCurdy   12/11/200726 S. Liberty St., Alexandria 43001LickingNewNo
200700337City of Newark/Licking County Building Dept.R0911218/26/2009Shawn Antritt-Set, Howmowner-Fdn.  9/23/2009485 Lexington Ave., Newark, Ohio 43055LickingNewNo
200700338Central Inspection BureauT205660 Tom Wood Pinnacle Hms.  11/30/20077052 White Sands Blvd., MadisonLakeNew 
200700339Central Inspection BureauC100219 Grimm Hms.  11/8/200749132 Carmel Achor Rd., RogersColumbianausedNo
200700340Central Inspection BureauT2106110 Bob Watt  12/6/200771 Gillett St., PainesvilleLakeNew 
200700341Central Inspection BureauCo101147 David Audino  1/2/20087443 Spillway Rd, Lot 75, Lisbon 44432ColumbianausedYes
200700342Central Inspection BureauM0101306 Art Barnhart  1/5/200834424 Euclid Ave, Lot 143, WilloughbyLakeNew 
200700343Central Inspection BureauC0101146 Homeowner  1/22/2008229 Wheatley St., Empire 43926Jeffersonused 
200700344Central Inspection BureauC0100759 David Audino  1/31/20082266 Homeworth Rd., Alliance 44601ColumbianausedNo
200700345Central Inspection BureauM2161-165 David Audino  2/1/20089258 Beeson St., N.E., Louisville 44641StarkNew 
200700346Preble County Building Regulations12225 homeowner  12/17/20086767 Dillman Road, Camden, OH 45311Prebleused 
200700347Preble County Building Regulations          
200700348Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.345148/29/2007Joseph Dutro  8/31/20073365 Sugartyme Dr., Zanesville, OH 43701MuskingumNew 
200700349Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.345719/5/2007B & B Construction  9/13/20074810 Snowdrift, Zanesville, OH 43701MuskingumNew 
200700350Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.346299/11/2007Nevil Watson  9/17/20073345 Sugartyme Dr., Zanesville, OH 43701Muskingumused 
200700351Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.3477310/17/2007Colonial Sales  10/17/20072870 Maysville Pk., Zanesville, OH 43701MuskingumNew 
200700352Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.3485910/25/2007Larry Cordial  10/29/20071139 Gayla Dr., Zanesville, OH 43701Muskingumused 
200700353Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.3493611/21/2007Benton Williby  1/7/2008Ann Circle, Lot 51, S. Zanesville, OH 43701Muskingumused 
200700354Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.354471/24/2008Larry Cordial  2/4/2008Lot 31, Colonial Village MHP, Zanesville, OH 43701MuskingumNew 
200700355Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.3505312/6/2007Galaxy Mob Trans  2/5/2008Lot 2, 1515 Stephens Land, Zanesville, OH 43701Muskingumused 
200700356Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.356252/6/2008Chris Palone  2/15/2008350 Warner Lane, Hopewell 43746Muskingumused 
200700357Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Dept.354651/23/2008Ben Williby  3/17/20085880 East Pike, Lot 51, Zanesville, OH 43701Muskingumused 
200700358Miami County Building Regulations  Tim J. Shinn II  12/3/2007228 Pearl Sr., Covington 45318MiamiNEW 
200700359Miami County Building Regulations  Roger J. Carnes  12/5/20075735 Kessler-Frederick Rd., Tipp City 45371MiamiNEW 
200700360Miami County Building Regulations  Tim Shinn II  1/29/20088545 N. Dixie Dr/. Piqua 45356MiamiNEW 
200700361Miami County Building Regulations  Tim Shinn II  1/18/20087181 Fairview-Snodgrass, PiquaMiamiNEW 
200700362Miami County Building Regulations  Larry King  5/6/2008746 Greenville-Nashville Rd, Greenville 45331DarkeusedNo
200700363Miami County Building Regulations  Don Rank  7/21/20089827 Childrens Home Bradford Rd, Bradford 45308DarkeusedNo
200700364Miami County Building Regulations  Robin Reck  4/22/20087565 St.Rt. 571, Lot 46, West Milton 45383Miamiused 
200700365Miami County Building Regulations  Marlin Reier  9/5/20086085 Sebring-Warner Lot 37, Greenville 45331DarkeNEWYes
200700366Miami County Building Regulations  Marlin Reier  9/11/20086085 Sebring-Warner Lot 142, Greenville 45331DarkeusedYes
200700367Miami County Building Regulations1215-MH5/6/2008James Davis  5/7/200950 Little John, Greenville, OH 45331DarkeusedYes
200700368Miami County Building Regulations  Tim J. Shinn II  7/31/20083805 E. Peterson Rd., Fletcher 45326MiamiNEWNo
200700369Miami County Building Regulations  homeowner  7/15/20081111 Keer Rd., Troy 45373MiamiusedNo
200700370Miami County Building Regulations1216-MH5/6/2008James Davis  5/7/200960 Nottingham Way, Greenville, OH 45331DarkeusedYes
200700371Miami County Building Regulations1217-MH5/13/2008James Davis  5/7/200932 Little John, Greenville, OH 45331DarkeusedYes
200700372Miami County Building Regulations1379-MH8/18/2008owner  1/7/200914890 Snyder Road, New Weston, OH 45348DarkeusedNo
200700373Miami County Building Regulations2523-MH9/12/2008Glen King  8/10/20091324 Sweitzer, Lot C20, Greenville, OH 45331DarkeNewYes
200700374Miami County Building Regulations1486-MH8/19/2008Glen King  6/2/2009211 Tillman Avenue, Greenville, OH 45331DarkeusedNo
200700375Miami County Building Regulations1398-MH8/25/2008Glen King  7/22/20096085 Sebring-Warner, #42, Greenville, OH 45331DarkeusedYes
200700376Miami County Building Regulations  Mark Marlin  8/5/20081455 St. Rt. 48, Ludlow Falls 45339MiamiNEWNo
200700377Miami County Building Regulations16945MH1/8/2009Marlin D. Reier  1/12/20097565 West St. Rt. 571 West Milton, OH 45383 MiamiNewYes
200700378Ashtabula County Building Dept.070972 Ball  5/5/20082634 Peterson Road, Jefferson 44047AshtabulausedNo
200700379Brown County Building Dept.10907 Roy Girten  7/26/20073185 Old State Rd., Mt. Orab 45154BrownNewNo
200700380Brown County Building Dept.10407 Roy Girten  8/2/20083201 Snider Malott Rd., Mt.Orab 45154BrownNewNo
200700381Brown County Building Dept.11707 Philip Lee  9/11/20071625 Steward Harbough, Williamsburg, OH 45176BrownNewNo
200700382Brown County Building Dept.10507 Roy Girten  9/20/200715233 Whispering Wynds West, Mt. Orab 45154BrownNewNo
200700383Brown County Building Dept.12707 Shawn Helms  10/12/200711911 Oak St., Winchester 45697BrownNewNo
200700384Brown County Building Dept.17507 Kent Cooper  10/25/20074934 Pisgah Ridge, Ripley 45167BrownNewNo
200700385Brown County Building Dept.17307 Joe Roberts   10/25/200713382 New Haemony Shiloh Rd., Mt. Orab 45154BrownNewNo
200700386Brown County Building Dept.24207 homeowner  2/26/20089968 John Woods Rd., Winchester 45697BrownusedNo
200700387Brown County Building Dept.3808 Kent Cooper  5/30/20084941 Goose Run Rd, Georgetown 45121BrownNewNo
200700388Brown County Building Dept.5808 Frank Barber  6/20/20084751 Upper Five Mile East, Mt. Orab 45154BrownNewNo
200700389Erie County General Health District2008-001 Dan Beasley  4/1/2008West View Est, Lot 105, 4012 Venice Rd, Sandusky, OH 44870ErieNewYes
200700390Erie County General Health District  James Bebouts  5/5/2008Westwood Mobile Est, Lot 10, 6th St, Norwalk 44857Huronused 
200700391Erie County General Health District2008-004 Darrell Whitley  7/22/20086811 Maple Avenue, Castalia, OH 44824ErieNewNo
200700392Erie County General Health District  John Rinehart  9/22/2008Amherst MHP, Lot 339, 46270 Telegraph Road, Amherst, OH 44001LorainusedYes
200700393Erie County General Health DistrictHuron County Dennis Lugli  10/9/2008Rustic Hills MHP, Lot 116, 5144 US 250 N., Norwalk, OH 44857HuronusedYes
200700394Erie County General Health DistrictHuron County Dennis Lugli  10/9/2008Rustic Hills MHP, Lot 90, 5144 US 250 N., Norwalk, OH 44857HuronusedYes
200700395Erie County General Health DistrictHuron County Dennis Lugli  10/9/2008Rustic Hills MHP, Lot 89, 5144 US 250 N., Norwalk, OH 44857HuronusedYes
200700396Erie County General Health DistrictHuron County Dennis Lugli  10/9/2008Rustic Hills MHP, Lot 85, 5144 US 250 N., Norwalk, OH 44857HuronusedYes
200700397Erie County General Health DistrictHuron County Dennis Lugli  10/9/2008Rustic Hills MHP, Lot 92, 5144 US 250 N., Norwalk, OH 44857HuronusedYes
200700398Erie County General Health DistrictHuron County Dennis Lugli  10/15/2008Rustic Hills MHP, Lot 155, 5144 US 250 N., Norwalk, OH 44857HuronusedYes
200700399Delaware County Code Compliance  Midwest MH  11/21/20079363 Mink Street, DelawareDelaware No
200700400Randall C. Mullins, Architect  Scott Gampp  11/16/20079054 CH & D Rd., JacksonJacksonNEW 
200700401Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07580001 Coles MH  9/12/20071400 Goshen Roin Rd., ChesterhillMorganNewNo
200700402Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07640001 Dupler  10/3/20075577 Pen Rd., Junction CityPerryNewNo
200700403Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07840004 homeowner  10/3/20071400 Patten-Mills Rd, CutterWashingtonusedNo
200700404Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07050005 Coles  10/6/20078285 2nd St., StewartAthensNewNo
200700405Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07820001 Brian Tipton  10/9/200733741 St. Rt. 93 S, McArthurVintonusedNo
200700406Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07050007 Lynn Shuler  10/8/200726301 Rock St.,CoolvilleAthensNewNo
200700407Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07050003 homeowner  10/14/20075520 SR 56, Athens, OHAthensusedNo
200700408Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07530006 homeowner  10/16/200739194 Success Rd., ReedsvilleMeigsusedNo
200700409Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07530005 Mary Nibert  10/22/20071367 Dusky St., Syracuse OHMeigsusedNo
200700410Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau080500439/12/2008Paul Young  11/10/20087 S. 8th street Jacksonville, Oh. 45740AthensusedNo
200700411Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau08110001MHP Robert Eidenfield  1/25/200829317 US 50 East, Lot 81, Chillicothe 45601RossNewYes
200700412Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07370004 homeowner  3/20/200819220 Loomis Rd., Nelsonville 45761HockingusedNo
200700413Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07300001 Dutro Homes  10/4/200761580 High Hill Rd., Cambridge, OHGuernseyNewNo
200700414Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07070002 Joe Dutro  10/20/2007215 Henderson St., BarnesvilleBelmontusedNo
200700415Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07560001 Joe Dutro  11/7/200746825 Yoho Rd., WoodsfieldMonroeNewNo
200700416Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau  homeowner  9/28/200735 Old Camp Rd., New MatamorasWashingtonused 
200700417Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07010001 Gordon Yueeling  9/26/20071245 Russellville Rd., WinchesterAdamsNewNo
200700418Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07360001 John Hall  10/3/20074246 Washburn Rd, HillsboroHighlandNewNo
200700419Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07360002 Jordan Mobile Home  10/12/20073114 Hizer Rd., HillsboroHighlandusedNo
200700420Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07010008 Jeff Arnold Const  11/17/20071367 McFarland Rd., West UnionAdamsusedNo
200700421United InspectionsPark Steve Maury  9/26/20072966 Bender, Lot 24, NavarreStarkused 
200700422United Inspections17828 Daniel Beasley  10/4/200717828 Baird Rd., Camden, OH 44090Lorainused 
200700423United InspectionsPark Paul Kaufman  10/24/20075728 Shearburne, Canton, OH 44701StarkNew 
200700424United InspectionsPark Art Barnhart  11/8/20077295 Monticello, Ravenna, OH 44226Portageused 
200700425United Inspections1520  Steve Maury  11/9/20071520 St. Rt. 183, Atwater, OH 44201Portageused 
200700426United Inspections00269 homeowner  11/19/200710269 Bayard, Minerva, 48757ColumbianausedNo
200700427United InspectionsPark Paul Kaufman  11/20/20075727 Toleda, Canton, OH 44701Starkused 
200700428United InspectionsPark Steve Jordan  11/27/200760 S. Main, Marshalville, OH 44645Wayneused 
200700429United InspectionsPark Marty Price  12/1/2007111 Mulberry, New Phila, OH 44663Wayneused 
200700430United Inspections  Jim Bebout  12/1/20075ll N. Ford, MansfieldRichlandused 
200700431Hong Inc07-ODH-20-15 Gilbert Montez  10/16/20071728 Durango, Defience 43512DefianceusedYes
200700432Hong IncO7-ODH-62-01 Daniel Beasley  10/25/2007202 Rose Ln., Port Clinton 43452OttawaNewYes
200700433Hong Inc07-ODH-62-30 Tadd Sherman  10/24/20078980 W. St. Rt. 163, Lot 41, Oak Harbor 43449OttawaNewYes
200700434Hong Inc07-MHC-62-09 Richard Binder  10/26/20072611 Genoa Clay Center Rd., Genoa 43430OttawausedNo
200700435Hong Inc07-ODH-20-24 Gilbert Montez  10/30/20071708 Cimmarron Lane, Defiance 43512DefianceusedYes
200700436Hong Inc07-ODH-87-23 Tim Wisniewski  11/27/2007535 W. Gypsy Lane, Lot 296, Bowling Green 43402WoodNewYes
200700437Hong Inc07-MHC-72-02 KF Ventures  11/27/20071801 Mario Place, Fremont 43420SanduskyNewYes
200700438Hong Inc07-ODH-20-13 Gilbert Montez  11/13/20071681 Cimarron Lane, Defiance 43512DefianceusedYes
200700439Hong Inc07-MHC-35-08 homeowner  11/20/2007424 N. Square, Holgate 43527HenryusedNo
200700440Hong Inc07-ODH-69-32 Chuck Fisher  12/12/20071570 N. Perry, Lot 07, Ottawa 45875PutnamusedYes
200700441Hong Inc07-ODH-69-34 Chuck Fisher  12/12/20071570 N. Perry, Lot 64, Ottawa 45875PutnamNewYes
200700442Hong Inc07-MHC Chris Palone  12/13/20072464 County Road 256, Vickery 43464SanduskyNewNo
200700443Hong Inc07-MHC-69-12 Joe Bugner  12/17/20078084 County Rd 15, Ottawa 45875PutnamusedNo
200700444Hong Inc07-ODH-20-16 David Schroeder  10/2/2007218 Lance Lot Drive, Defiance 43572DefianceusedYes
200700445Hong Inc07-ODH-87-26 Mark Horton  10/11/200726250 Cummings Rd., Lot 81, Millburt 43447WoodusedYes
200700446Hong Inc07-ODH-87-01 Tim Wisniewski  10/5/200712865 Five Point Rd., Lot 108, Perrysburg 43551WoodNewYes
200700447Hong Inc07-ODH-8-02 Tim Wisniewski  10/5/200712865 Five Point Rd., Lot 109, Perrysburg 43551WoodNewYes
200700448Clinton County Building & Zoning  J. Jordan  10/3/20073068 SR 380, Wilmington 45177Clinton No
200700449Clinton County Building & Zoning  J. Jordan  10/9/2007873 A Sprague Rd., Wilmington 45177Clinton No
200700450Clinton County Building & Zoning  Gordon Yeullig  12/19/2007591 Burnett Rd., SabinaClinton No
200700451Clinton County Building & Zoning  J. Jordan  12/13/200795 Farmers Rd., Wilimington 45177Clinton No
200700452Clinton County Building & Zoning  J. Jordan  12/31/2007183 Denter Rd., Wilmington 45177ClintonusedNo
200700453Warren County Building Dept.2009-966 Glen King  7/22/20093658 Fosters-Maineville Road, Maineville, OH 45039WarrenNewNo
200700454Warren County Building Dept.2009-12648/20/2009Superior Homes  12/4/20093709 Halls Creek, Morrow, OH 45152WarrenNewNo
200700455Union County Building Dept.07R04819/7/2007Guy McCurdy  10/24/2007101 Lynn St., RichwoodUnionNewNo
200700456Ashtabula County Building Dept.071024 (ABANDONED)8/22/2007homeowner  1/1/20502563 Dodgeville Road, Andover, OH 44003 (ABANDONED)AshtabulaNewNo
200700457Ashtabula County Building Dept.071065 homeowner  8/28/20084918 New Hudson Rd, Windsor 44099AshtabulausedNo
200700458Ashtabula County Building Dept.0710688/31/2007Watt Bob  10/24/20076440 Creek Road Andover Ohio 44003AshtabulausedNo
200700459Medina County Building Dept.  David Audino  3/12/20084127 Marks Rd., Medina, 44256MedinaNEW 
200700460Wood County Building DepartmentMH10-00003211/9/2010Timothy M. Wisnieski   11/19/20101048 North Main Street, Lot 16, Parkview MH Park, Bowling Green, OH 43402 WoodNewYes
200700461Medina County Building Dept.R-0364-10 4/20/2010Jonathan Lombardi  6/3/2010591 Julia Way, Lodi, OH 44254MedinausedYes
200700462Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0309/10/2007Charles Webb  10/10/20071466 Sullivan Rd., Chillicothe 45601RossNewNo
200700463Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0459/27/2007Rob Edenfield  10/17/200744 George Hollow Rd, Waverly 45690RossNewNo
200700464Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-05510/11/2007David Harris  10/17/20076329 E. New Market Rd., Hillsboro 45133HighlandNewNo
200700465Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0047/26/2007Rodney Hemming  10/9/20071294 Minney Hill Rd., Chillicothe 45601RossNewNo
200700466Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0439/24/2007Rob Edenfield  10/24/20073345 4th St-Roxabee, Frankfort 45628RossNewNo
200700467Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-06210/22/2007William H Miller  11/2/20072294 Keiser Rd, Waverly 45690PikeusedNo
200700468Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-04910/3/2007Rodney Young  11/6/2007376 Core Rd, Franfort 45628RossNewNo
200700469Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0389/19/2007Ken Remy Jr.  11/6/20071099 Poes Run Rd, Londonderry 45647RossNewNo
200700470Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0299/10/2007John Brian Tipton  11/9/200757 Elizabeth Dr., Chillicothe 45601RossNewNo
200700471Ross County Building Dept.MH-2007-0138/9/2007homeowner  11/1/20076518 SR220, Waverly 45690PikeusedNo
200700472Girard Health Dept.1 (Abandoned)6/9/2008Tim Adkins  1/1/2050606 Trumbull Avenue, Lot 4, Girard, OH (Abandoned)TrumbullusedYes
200700473Girard Health Dept.2 (Abandoned)10/30/2008Tim Adkins  1/1/2050605 Trumbull Avenue, Lot 73, Girard, OH (Abandoned)TrumbullusedYes
200700474Girard Health Dept.3 (Abandoned)10/30/2008Tim Adkins  1/1/2050605 Trumbull Avenue, Lot 74, Girard, OH (Abandoned)TrumbullusedYes
200700475Girard Health Dept.15/9/2008William Laubacher 6/16/20086/28/2010605 Trumbull Avenue #6 Girard, Ohio 44420TrumbullusedYes
200700476Girard Health Dept.210/3/2008Tim Adkins  12/8/2010605 Trumbull Avenue Girard, ohio 44420TrumbullusedYes
200700477Ross County Health Dept.08-05-01 Edgar Brown  7/10/200811936 Pleasant Valley Road, Lot 5, Chillicothe 45601Ross Yes
200700478Ross County Health Dept.R08-05-045/1/2008Rodney Hemming   2276 Stone Road, Lot 42, Chillicothe, OH 45601RossusedYes
200700479Ross County Health Dept.R08-04-014/1/2008Marty Cotrill7/9/2008 4/27/20092276 Stone Road, Lot 51, Chillicothe, OHRossusedYes
200700480Ross County Health Dept.R08-05-045/1/2008Rodney Hemming12/16/2008 4/27/200911 Cheyanne Drive, Lot 67, Chillicothe, OH 45601RossusedYes
200700481Ross County Health Dept.08-03-01 Robert Eidenfield  7/10/200829317 US Rt. 50E, Lot #9, Chillicothe 45601Ross Yes
200700482Richland County Health Department08-018/5/2008Shawn Antritt  9/17/20081260 St. Rt. 97 East, Lot 151, Belleville 44813RichlandNewYes
200700483Richland County Health Department08-049/26/2008Dan Beasley  5/27/2009741 Yale Avenue, Lot 41, Mansfield, OH 44905RichlandusedYes
200700484Randall C. Mullins, Architect  Kitchens Const.  12/14/2007190 Slocum Rd., PortsmouthSciotoNEW 
200700485Randall C. Mullins, Architect  Scott Gampp  1/4/20082413 Glades Rd., Minford 45653SciotoNEW 
200700486Randall C. Mullins, Architect  Kitchens Const.  3/28/2008180 Elbert Ave., Franklin Furnace 45629SciotoNEW 
200700487Randall C. Mullins, Architect  Kitchens Const.  3/28/2008180 Elbert Ave., Franklin Furnace 45629Sciotoused 
200700488Inspection Services PlusISP080085 Bill Laubachen  3/14/20083253 Creek Rd., Lot 179, Waterford 44445ColumbianaNewYes
200700489Inspection Services PlusISP080125 Wendel Decker  3/28/2008236 Broadway St., New Bloomington 43332MarionNew 
200700490Inspection Services PlusISP080041 Shawn Antritt  3/11/2008101 W. First St., Frazeysburg 43822Muskingumused 
200700491Inspection Services PlusISP080009 John Parish  3/24/200815236 Stump Run Rd., Laurelville 43135HockingNew 
200700492Inspection Services PlusISP080072 Shawn Antritt  3/19/20088349 Old River Rd., Philo 43771MuskingumNew 
200700493Inspection Services PlusISP080056 George Pugsley  3/19/20086605 Marion Agasta Rd. Lot 40, Marion 43302Marionused 
200700494Inspection Services PlusISP080031 Matt Incarnato  3/11/20088824 Andora Rd., NE, East Rochester 44625Carroll No
200700495Inspection Services PlusISP070281 Robert VanSchuyver  3/6/20083999 Wilson Sharpsville Rd, Cortland 44410TrumbullNew 
200700496Inspection Services PlusISP070426 Barry Simmons  3/6/200814189 Township Rd, #57, Rawson 45881HancockNew 
200700497Inspection Services PlusISP080031 Jimmie Williamson  3/4/20085192 L Street NE, Magnolia 44643TuscarawasNew 
200700498Inspection Services PlusISP070474 Shawn Antritt  2/28/20082790 Meister Rd., Lancaster 43130FairfieldNewNo
200700499Inspection Services PlusISP070234 Patrick Martie  2/25/200851614 Main St., Jerusalem 43747Monroe  
200700500Inspection Services PlusISP080061 Bengi Willliby  2/28/2008102 Woodfield Dr., South Bloomfield 43103Pickawayused 
200700501Inspection Services PlusISP070306 Shawn Antritt  10/19/200816750 Marne Road NE, Nashport, OH 43830LickingNewYes
200700502Inspection Services PlusISP0701207/21/2007Shawn Antritt  10/12/200720700 North Liberty Road, Butler, Ohio 44822 KnoxNewNo
200700503Inspection Services PlusISP070269 Jordon J. Hartzler  10/12/20073135 Clay Pike Rd., New Concord 43762GuernseyNew 
200700504Inspection Services PlusISP07029810/7/2007Janie Nibert  10/19/2008Lot 36 Quail Creek Drive, Gallipolis, Ohio 45631 GalliausedYes
200700505Inspection Services PlusISP0701397/31/2007Steve Ross  10/19/2007623 Township Road 32, Somerset, Ohio 43713 PerryNewNo
200700506Inspection Services PlusISP070289 Joh Parish  10/15/20072445 Columbus-Lancaster Rd., Lancaster 43130FairfieldNewYes
200700507Inspection Services PlusISP070188 Buckeye Bldrs.  10/8/20074750 County Rd., 29, Mount Gilead 43338MorrowNew 
200700508Inspection Services PlusISP070172 Robert Southworth  10/2/2007134 Cooper Rd., Lucasville 45648SciotoNew 
200700509Inspection Services PlusISP070243 James Walton  10/24/20072313 Graham School Rd., Gallipolis 45613GalliaNewNo
200700510Inspection Services PlusISP070340 George Pugsley   10/25/2007229 Gilead St., Cardington, OH 43315Marionused 
200700511Inspection Services PlusISP0702499/20/2007Jordan Hartzler   10/22/20071720 Manchester Avenue, North Lawrence, Ohio 44666 StarkNewNo
200700512Inspection Services PlusISP070247 Ron Duvall  10/24/200742780 Mount Hope Rd., Flushing 43977BelmontusedNo
200700513Inspection Services PlusISP070239 Larry Cordial  10/23/20074390 Butter Rd., Roseville 43777MuskingumNew 
200700514Inspection Services PlusISP0702639/28/2007Steve Jordan  10/24/200757751 New Castle Rd., Barnesville 43713BelmontusedNo
200700515Inspection Services PlusISP070230 Shawn Antritt  10/26/200727818 Coshocton Rd., Haward 43028CoshoctonusedNo
200700516Inspection Services PlusISP070274 Jordon J. Hartzler  10/23/20072510 Township Highway 157, Rayland 43943HarrisonNew 
200700517Inspection Services PlusISP070208 Michael Gross  10/24/200732454 Williard St., Hanoverton 44423ColumbianaNewNo
200700518Inspection Services PlusISP070328 Grover Lawhead  11/2/200718638 Rock Alley, Laurelville, OH 43135HockingNew 
200700519Inspection Services PlusISP070333 Shawn Antritt  11/3/20078625 Drake Rd., Malta, OH 43758Morganused 
200700520Inspection Services PlusISP070314 Michael Gross  12/4/20078185 Beacon Light Rd., Lisbon 44432ColumbianaNewNo
200700521Inspection Services PlusISP070313 Michael Gross  11/12/20079076 Southview, Minerva 44657CarrollNewNo
200700522Inspection Services PlusISP070214 James Walton  10/31/200734310 Parkinson Rd., Rutland 45775MeigsNew 
200700523Inspection Services PlusISP070255 Shawn Antritt  10/30/20076094 Stagecoach Rd., Rushville 43150PerryNew 
200700524Inspection Services PlusISP070370 George Dailey  11/5/200710188 Burt St., Byesville 43723Guernseyused 
200700525Inspection Services PlusISP070381 Steve Jordan  11/5/200762950 Byesville Rd., Cambridge, OH 43725GuernseyNew 
200700526Inspection Services PlusISP070341 Jordan Hartzler  11/2/20077313 Claysville Rd., Cambridge, OH 43725GuernseyNew 
200700527Inspection Services PlusISP070136 Bengi Williby  11/8/20079925 Cumberland Rd., Pleasant City 43772Guernseyused 
200700528Inspection Services PlusISP070152 Jon Chesterson  11/5/200752283 Township Highway 210, Powhatan Point 43942BelmontNewNo
200700529Inspection Services PlusISP070193 Michael Gross  11/7/20071812 Fox Ave., Paris 44669StarkNew 
200700530Inspection Services PlusISP070259 Larry Cordial  11/9/200759295 Claysville Rd., Claysville 43725GuernseyNew 
200700531Inspection Services PlusISP070244 James Walton  10/9/20076024 State Route 141, Gallipolis 45631GalliaNewNo
200700532Inspection Services PlusISP070321 Tom Wilson  11/8/20079415 Township 29, Mount Perry, OH 43760Perryused 
200700533Inspection Services PlusISP070325 Jordan Hartzler  11/8/20071007 Baltzey Valley Rd., SE, New Philadelphia 44663TuscarawasNew 
200700534Inspection Services PlusISP070302 Mike Harris  11/7/20071750 Norwood Dr., Findlay 45840HardinNew 
200700535Inspection Services PlusISP070294 Mike Harris  11/7/20071482 Fleetwood Ave., Findlay 45839HardinNew 
200700536Inspection Services PlusISP070303 Mike Harris  11/6/20071482 Inglewood Ave., Findlay 45840HardinNew 
200700537Inspection Services PlusISP070118 Wendell Decker  11/6/20071215 Merkle Ave., Marion 43302Marionused 
200700538Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau074600019/17/2007Marlin Reier   10/19/2007298 East St., Ridgeway, OHLoganNewNo
200700539Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07MHP46MIER Roy Girten  10/31/200716098 St. Rt. 235 N, Belle CenterLoganusedYes
200700540Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau  Total Service Center  11/1/2007308 Wolcott, WellshireVan Wertused 
200700541Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau0719162MHP Randy King  12/10/20076085 Sebring, Warner RdDarkeNewYes
200700542Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau08060001 Robin Reck  1/11/2008200 N. Knoxville, Rd., St. Marys 45885AuglaizeusedNo
200700543Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07750001 Dan Rank  1/18/20087578 High St., Anna 45302ShelbyusedNo
200700544Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau  homeowner  1/30/20082260 US Rt 33, Willshire 45895Van Wertused 
200700545Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP072526 Keith Heindel  10/30/20071503 Findlay Rd, Lot 4, Lima, OHAllenusedYes
200700546Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07010010 Joe Roberts   11/28/200770 Central Ave., PeeblesAdamsusedNo
200700547Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07010011 Joe Roberts   11/28/200766 Central Ave., PeeblesAdamsusedNo
200700548Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07010004 Philip Lee  11/20/2007289 Robinette Rd., West UnionAdamsNewNo
200700549Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07400002 homeowner  12/13/20075395 Antioch Rd., Oak HillJacksonusedNo
200700550Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07730003 Peter Vasquez  12/4/2007169 Spadlin Rd., W. PortsmouthSciotoNewNo
200700551Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP14MCKEENER Jeff Kier  10/26/2007250 S. Nelson Ave., Lot 80, WilmingtonClintonusedYes
200700552Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP14MASTONE Jeff Kier  10/26/2007250 S. Nelson Ave., Lot 38, WilmingtonClintonusedYes
200700553Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP07250214-1 Walter Doll  11/5/2007300 N. South St., Lot 98, New ViennaClintonusedYes
200700554Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP07250214-2 Walter Doll  11/5/2007300 N. South St., Lot 103, New ViennaClintonusedYes
200700555Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP07250214-3 Walter Doll  11/5/2007300 N. South St., Lot 102, New ViennaClintonusedYes
200700556Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07600002 Watson  11/10/20079795 Dutch School Rd., FrazeysburgMuskingumusedNo
200700557Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07600003 Dutro  11/12/20073446 Clay Pike Rd., CumberlandGuernseyNewNo
200700558Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau086000012/5/2008Joe Dutro  3/12/20081885 Tobacco Hill Road Dresden OHMuskingumNewNo
200700559Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP2586 Marty Price  10/26/20075479 Bonanza Ln., DublinFranklinusedYes
200700560Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07370001 homeowner  11/5/200721446 St. Rt. 278, NelsonvilleHockingusedNo
200700561Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07840003 Jeff Adams  11/8/2007775 Mount Tom Rd., MariettaWashingtonNewNo
200700562Ohio Certified Inspection BureauROGERS0749MHP Chad Campbell  11/23/20078410 Canage Blvd., Plain CityMadisonNewYes
200700563Ohio Certified Inspection BureauMHP05WADDELL Paul Young  10/17/2007Dalton Dr., Lot 26, NelsonvilleAthensusedYes
200700564Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07840005 Ron Swiger  10/18/20077216 Waterford Rd., MariettaWashingtonNewNo
200700565Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau0725001MHP Todd Dunkle  10/30/2007Enchantment Acres, Parsons Ave., ColumbusFranklinNewYes
200700566Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07050009 homeowner  10/22/200719608 Walnut St., TrimbleAthensusedNo
200700567Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07050010 Dave Banks  10/26/20077440 Voreridge Rd., AthensAthensNewNo
200700568Richland County Building Dept.  Chris Palone  10/23/20072485 Baseline Rd., Plymouth 44865RichlandNew 
200700569Logan County Building Dept.08/219MHP Wendell Decker  9/26/20089044 TR 169, West Liberty, OH 43357LoganNew 
200700570Logan County Building Dept.08/273MHP Randy Colson  10/20/2008730 Grand Avenue, Russell's Point 43348LoganNewYes
200700571Logan County Building Dept.08/245MHP homeowner  10/24/200813343 SR 235N, Lakeview, OH 43331LoganusedYes
200700572Logan County Building Dept.08/267MHP Greg Schultz  11/5/200811219 Tuscarora Path, Lakeview, OH 43331LoganNewYes
200700573Union County Building Dept.07R05069/13/2007Guy McCurdy  10/25/200731320 St. Rt. 31, RichwoodUnionNewNo
200700574Union County Building Dept.07R052910/23/2007Greg Shultz  11/19/200726276 Sandusky Rd., RichwoodUnionNewNo
200700575Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07050011 Richard Martin  11/5/200713155 Millcreek Rd, MillfieldAthensNewNo
200700576Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07840006 homeowner  11/16/200722 South St., Cutler, OHWashingtonusedNo
200700577Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07820002 homeowner  11/20/200737482 St. Rt. 93S, McArtherVintonusedNo
200700578Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07560002 Galaxy  11/27/20078935 Old Grade Rd., Chester HillMorganusedNo
200700579Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07010012 Michael Theener   12/19/2007350 Straight Creek Rd., PeeblesAdamsNewNo
200700580Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07730002 Mark Doyle  1/8/200898 Duncan Rd., Lucasville 45648SciotoNewNo
200700581Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau08440001 Bob Southworth  2/5/2008545 CR 128, Ironton 45638LawrenceusedNo
200700582Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau08730001 homeowner  3/10/20082840 "A" Back Road, Franklin Furnace 45229SciotousedNo
200700583Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07820005 Don Dupler  12/18/2007123 Oak St., ZaleskiVintonNewNo
200700584Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07050019 Charley Craven  12/19/200723777 Brimstone Rd., CoolvilleAthensNewNo
200700585Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07530009 John Parish  12/26/200727749 Star Hall Rd., LanesvilleMeigsusedNo
200700586Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau07400004 homeowner  1/5/2008774 Keenan Rd., Jackson 45640JacksonusedNo
200700587Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau0765001 Shad Elliott  1/5/20084800 Duvall Rd., Ashville 43103PickawayNewNo
200700588Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau0725002MHP Todd Dunkle  1/5/2008680 Riviera Ct., Columbus 43207FranklinNewYes
200700589Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau08830001MHP William Calvert  2/19/2008439 Morrow Rd., Lot 111, Lebanon 45065WarrenusedYes
200700590Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau08090001mhp2/21/2008Tony Callahan  2/25/2009Lot 9 Robert E. Lee Dr.West Chester, OHButlerusedYes
200700591Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau088310001 Tony Callahan  3/21/20082844 windy Way, Cincinnati 45251HamiltonNewNo
200700592Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau08090007mhp5/21/2008Carl Wurzelbacher  6/5/2008Lot 47 The Pines 2174 Jackson Road,Hamilton OH. ButlerusedYes
200700593Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau08310001mhp3/5/2008Tony Callahan  3/21/20082844 Windy Way, Cincinnati, OH.HamiltonNewYes
200700594Ohio Certified Inspection Bureau08830003 Chad Campbell  5/31/20086501 German Town Rd, #433, Middleton 45042ButlerusedNo
200700595Burris and Behne Architects  Vance Heck  11/29/20075630 Twp. Rd. 213, MarengoHardinused 
200700596Burris and Behne Architects  Darren Rockhold  3/10/2008207 E. Belmont St, #15 Belmont Ct, Alger 45812Hardinused 
200700597Burris and Behne ArchitectsBB07004 Wendell Decker  12/8/2008414 W. 2nd Street, Cardington, OH 43074MorrowusedNo
200700598Burris and Behne Architects  Vance Heck  2/4/20081639 MRN-Waldo Rd, Lot #101, MarionMarionNew 
200700599Burris and Behne Architects  Les Dunlap  9/29/2008Belmont Ct, Lot 27, 207 E. Belmont St, Alger 45812Hardinused 
200700600Burris and Behne Architects  Wendell Decker   1/15/20082066 Victory Rd., River Valley #73, Marion 43302MarionNew 
200700601City of Newark/Licking County Building Dept.R0715759/24/2007Nevil Watson  7/9/200811470 Harmon Road, St. Louisville 43071LickingusedNo